Tuesday, 22 April 2014

The Guard Dog

The Guard Dog:

The dog looks down from above
Watching his master suffer in silence
Wishing he could do something to ease the pain
But he knows he can't
He made his choice
He thinks about how much he regrets his choice
He can never see his master again
As he watches her from his perch in Heaven
The dog begs to return to his master
To take away her pain
But he is to stay here
And to wait for her to come
He watches her suffering
But he waits in sadness
Waiting for the day she comes to join him
The day he takes the pain away from her
The day they finally meet again
He awaits that day
But he knows the wait will be long
And he knows the pain she suffers
But the guard dog waits for his master to join him
In the place they will finally be safe
Free of their pain
United again
The guard dog will wait for that day
When she is old with grey hair
They will reunite
And she will be young again
Just like him
And he will be her guard dog once more
Protecting her from her pain and suffering
Just like he should
He waits so patiently
Just to see his master again

This poem is about my old dog, Kasha. He died when I was either nine or ten, and he was only six. He ate a whole corn on the cob, when he knew he shouldn't. He had eaten other things and had surgery to remove them, but this time the vets couldn't remove the food. He sadly had to be put down, and I've always liked to believe the good animals go to Heaven. So I wrote this poem about dear Kasha, and it fits him perfectly.

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