Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Snow Horse

Snow Horse:
The snow horse watches her
The girl that is filled with pain
He distracts her for a little bit
Then she leaves and her pain returns
The snow horse wishes he could help her
And he tries so hard
But only she can ease her pain
Only she can take it away
But he can try to help
He tries his hardest
And he helps a bit
But she needs to free herself
The pain holds her back
She needs to unlock her old self
The one who was fearless
The one the snow horse can remember
The snow horse begs her to come back
And as he sighs again
He knows she is slowly freeing that girl
But it takes time
And the snow horse knows he can wait
No matter how long his wait is
He will never forget the fearless girl
And he will help the pained girl release her
Then his old friend will return
And the world will rejoice her return
But none will rejoice as much as he
For he is the one who needs her the most
Because she saved the snow horse before
And he will save her now

This is about Winter, and how we both pretty much have different versions of PTSD. We both help each other, and I wrote this using how I thought he would speak.

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  1. I'm in tears. It's so beautiful. It's so great that you are so best friends to each other. Good for you! Best wishes :)